What’s New?

Well, I have bought an ukulele (or a ukulele, depending on how you pronounce it; more about it in the future maybe), and also a digital camera. I have also gotten into Tumblr a bit. I will not abandon WordPress since it has many more nice features than Tumblr, but Tumblr is quicker (which seems to be my main stumbling block when it comes to blogging) and people follow the tags more. So my main blog is at arlojamesbarnes.tumblr.com, and I started a photoblog to put my camera’s photos on which you can find at arlophotos.tumblr.com. Also, my school has finally got an electron microscope so I plan to post images we make with that at tmpmicroscopy.tumblr.com (still in the process of setting that up).
Hopefully you will hear more from me soon!

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Totally YouTubular, Dude

(Warning: arbitrary links inserted by WordPress. I kept them because why not; it might become standard practice for this blog, so be warned.)
I made a videolog, or vlog (pronounced vee-log or vlahg [like flog], your choice). If you don’t stop me, I will probably make more. Just like this text blog (tlog?),  the first few might be a bit dull, but bear with me. I figure there are some kinds of content that will be better suited for one medium or another.

Just in case you don’t have Flash or enough bandwidth, I transcribed it for you.

Hello, my name is Arlo James Barnes, and this is the first episode of my videolog. I hadn’t been using my Youtube channel for much, mainly just, you know, saving videos for later, things like that, but then my friend Jefferson (this is one of his many channels [that was, I guess, a bunch of channels]), um, he inspired me to record my life in a way that actually represented how I was feeling from moment to moment, and I guess he was inspired by, uh, the videolog brothers, um, whom I have now become a great fan of because of him. Um, I feel that maybe recording video is … better for me than, um, having a written blog, although I also do have one of those at this address, um…
As you can see, not much is actually at that address. Probably much of what it will be now is posting links to these videos, because they more accurately record my day-to-day experience. However, sometimes if something is better fitted to a textual means of communication, I’ll put it there and then tell you about it here. Okay, now you are going to see some video from a couple weeks ago because it takes me a really long time to edit these things, and, you know, complete them, but anyway, I can’t think of anything else to say in this intro, so…here you go.

Quality’s probably not going to be good for a while, because I am working out of Windows movie maker, and an eyesight cam, which…aren’t all cams eyesight cams? [Annotation: (At this time I did not know it was a trademark, iSight)] Anyway, there’s one built in…Oh, I’m pointing to it, but you can’t see it. It would probably be somewhere up there for you. Um, there’s one built into the computer; I am using one that’s probably about the same quality but that is a different camera; it’s definitely not a video camera [Annotation: by which I mean not a camcorder-like thing], um… And the audio’s not going to be so great either, I am going to have to edit this a lot. *sigh* Anyway, things that this vlog will probably be about. Um: I like comics, so I will probably vlog a lot about that. Uh, I like… bluhbluh. Um. I like SCIENCE. Probably going to be a lot of videologs about science. Incidentally, is it v-log or vlahg? You decide. Another thing I like to think about and therefore blog about is societies and utopias, uh, dystopias, I might vlog about that. And, I like links. On the interwebs. So I might furnish you with a bunch of links. For example, here is a link to one of my favorite games, Exitium, made by – made by somebody named Ostracod, whom I met through the game. Meanwhile, here is one of my favorite webcomics, Sluggy Freelance. That’s all for now, thanks.
(I’m squishing your head, squishing your head
[Annotation: So much for professionalism – Clumsy jump cuts, a nervous manner, and intrusive and annoying captions]

Youtube helpfully provided it’s [possessive, will explain in a later post] own automatic transcription:

permanent solutions for instance is the first significant work
continues into channel for much interest in and saying that is really good
friends like that
but then my friend jefferson
this is one of his many channels
thermostats channels
uh… he inspired me to travel records
my life in a way that actually works and how r unit was feeling from rome to rome
i guess he was inspired by it
um… the video or brothers home right now become a great fan of because of him
uh… i thought that maybe recording studio
better from even i’m having a written blog
but i also do have one of those at this address
as you can see not much is actually at that address probably much of what it
will be no one’s personal use of these videos because they might keep your
coordinating the extract however you know sometimes if something is better
for me to it textron in montana freemen
i’ll put it there and then caliber here
okay now you can see some video from a couple of weeks ago is greater than one
hundred edit these things
you know complete them
from replica convincing us a sense intrusive
quality spotted a candidate for a while
because i’m working out of windows movie maker
and as i say camp
at all times also cams
there’s one built in
po i’m pointing to it you can see it
it because i worked there for you
there’s one built into the computer amusing that’s probably not the same
quality but that’s a different camera so it’s definitely not a video camera
and the obvious huckabee’s pretty fair and yet at this one
let’s feel it will probably about
so badly
well your go about that
uh… allexperts probably be a lot of deluxe both sides
is if you want to perform
and anything i’d like to think us there from i picked for that is
societies in the copious
talk about that
annihilate leaks on the interwebs
so palpable furnish you with much plants
for example here’s a link to one of my favorite games exit he and made prime
aggressively imposter ka
whom i met through the end
is one of the paper but prob subfields
that’s all for now
squeegee squishing your head
Description: My first one! Sorry about not knowing about filetypes or editing or filmmaking, et cetera. Hope you are not too bored already!
New Description: This was a promise, as yet unfulfilled.
Links (duplicate of annotations):
Exitium: was­tml, then was some 20.x.x.x address, now am not sure is even up. Check at ostracodfiles.com.
Sluggy Freelance: sluggy.com
Vlogbrothers: youtube.com/vlogbrothers
Transcript: https://arlojamesbarnes.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/totally-youtubular-dude
Jefferson: youtube.com/jeffersonvlog, /jeffersonlarouche, /jeffersonphone, /saberdog/nope.avi,
probably more

And here is somebody else’s video transcribed:


Please use our sunshine, not dirty coal mines.
Keep our skies clear, and water clean-
It’ll save us thousands in healthcare each year,
it will boost our economy.

Oh Ms. Martinez, we need solutions
climate change is out of control.
We pay for power, not coal pollution.
Please don’t make our children pay the toll.

New Mexico boasts some of the finest
Solar potential in the world
Why not start using this friendly resource?
Sustain the earth for every boy & girl.

As New Mexicans, we love our fresh air,
We love our wildlife, mountains, and trees.
Sustainability is what we want,
Cleaner power is what need.

Oh Ms. Martinez, please open your eyes
To all of PNMs unforeseen fees.
Help us keep up with this great nation,
support the spread of solar energy.

[Repeat Chorus]

Permalink: https://arlojamesbarnes.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/totally-youtubular-dude

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OHai, I Did Not See You There

Well, as you can tell, my posts-per-unit time measure is pretty small. I am not as worried about this as I was before starting this weblog. Why, you fail to ask? (At least towards me.) Well, the reason is that I have thought of all these awesome things to post every day since the first “post”. The only problem is that I have not been actually writing them and putting them online. Now that I have more or less reliable Internet access (WordPress told me to link to it, so I obeyed it like a good minion), that should start to change. It will take some practice for me to get into the habit of posting regularly and/or often, but after a few posts that should come more easily. So I am going to announce a policy of one post a day, no matter how lackluster. We shall see how long that lasts. I will likely post some visual stuff here soon, too. Okay, until…tomorrow? Yeah.

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A Comic-Based WebLog is Born.

As of a little while before the writing of this the first post, this is a free weblog hosted and powered by the wonderful people at WordPress. As soon as I get ComicPress up and running, it will have my soon-to-exist strip up and running, with hopefully regular posts. Otherwise, just my commentary on my life (the interesting parts; I learned my lesson with my other blog).

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