OHai, I Did Not See You There

Well, as you can tell, my posts-per-unit time measure is pretty small. I am not as worried about this as I was before starting this weblog. Why, you fail to ask? (At least towards me.) Well, the reason is that I have thought of all these awesome things to post every day since the first “post”. The only problem is that I have not been actually writing them and putting them online. Now that I have more or less reliable Internet access (WordPress told me to link to it, so I obeyed it like a good minion), that should start to change. It will take some practice for me to get into the habit of posting regularly and/or often, but after a few posts that should come more easily. So I am going to announce a policy of one post a day, no matter how lackluster. We shall see how long that lasts. I will likely post some visual stuff here soon, too. Okay, until…tomorrow? Yeah.

About Arlo James Barnes

22-year-old student at the Santa Fe Community College. Interested in art, science, comics, communities, and many other things.
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