What’s New?

Well, I have bought an ukulele (or a ukulele, depending on how you pronounce it; more about it in the future maybe), and also a digital camera. I have also gotten into Tumblr a bit. I will not abandon WordPress since it has many more nice features than Tumblr, but Tumblr is quicker (which seems to be my main stumbling block when it comes to blogging) and people follow the tags more. So my main blog is at arlojamesbarnes.tumblr.com, and I started a photoblog to put my camera’s photos on which you can find at arlophotos.tumblr.com. Also, my school has finally got an electron microscope so I plan to post images we make with that at tmpmicroscopy.tumblr.com (still in the process of setting that up).
Hopefully you will hear more from me soon!

About Arlo James Barnes

22-year-old student at the Santa Fe Community College. Interested in art, science, comics, communities, and many other things.
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